Wednesday, December 12, 2007

SuperIVR Brings your Mashup to Every Telephone in the World

The CEO of Rebtel (highly respected company) spoke my thoughts exactly in a recent interview, "It is not about getting the local numbers and using the latest voice technology. It is about leveraging the internet from an ordinary mobile phone."

When my family, classroom and friends met the inventor of Virtualphoneline in 1995, he was still a skinny little teenager curled over his Commodore, Atari, VocalTec, CuSeeMe and other IT hardware and software on and off the net.

That Virtualphoneline won a Best of Show Client Device award at Internet Telephony World in 2001. It was so popular that as early as its introduction January 2000, hundreds immediately bought a USA or UK local number to ring on their hard or soft IP phone.

We keep taking that VPL in new directions based on the aspirations, wishes, and brainstorms of customers and team members.

One of the newest is It's in alpha run mode, so now's the time for all the geeks and just plain curious people to try it out. In fact, try it free for one month and work with us to make it the best it can be.

What is it?

My answer is to list here some of the ways it's being used right now.

Early Adopter 1 Safetynet:
A company needed an IVR that could be remotely managed from anywhere over Internet with local numbers in 3 countries, USA, UK and Pakistan for our Telemedicine Project, and we needed it in place in less than one month. It started as a dream until SuperIVR appeared.

Super Technologies, Inc. team created a special Advertisement Management System for their sponsors also. Because of this, they already have 50 new sponsors for their Telemedicine Project. Their customers call in for medical advice and get it free.

Early Adopter 2:
AAJ TV who even has a group on Facebook, is television news station. They realize that a large majority of people use a telephone and especially a cell phone as their chosen communication advice. They can do anything on it, call, play games, sms, do email...

AAJ TV wanted its audience to be able to get their news no matter where they are, updated by the hour by calling a phone number that is local to them. They can press different numbers to hear what they want: sports, arts, politics, entertainment, technology, etc.

... I've been playing around with it myself.

It lets me create my own IVR "message tree," a menu that lets my callers click their phone keypad until they reach their desired information. I can have local phone numbers from around 20 - 60 countries, depending on the pool of DID (direct inward dialing) available. This is going to be fun, and I recommend you signup at

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