Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy New Year

The new year is coming, the years gone have tought us a lot, and have given us gift’s like the internet, and companies like Google , Apple, Microsoft and Facebook who have changed the world as we live in.

So following the steps of these Giant’s in the coming years, we want to walk on their steps and the SuperTec foundation will be doing the following in the coming years:

To make the following 3 sectors as great as possible

1. Health
2. Education
3. Immigration

In these 3 sectors we want to do what hotmail has done for Email, where no health and education related organization has to ever BUY a software again, it will be there for them to use.

For Immigration we are creating software where no country is left behind without a proper online immigration and visa management system.

The projects are now live on and

We need your support with kind by spreading the word around, and helping us in anyway you think you can, be it a small wish of luck 


Friday, December 19, 2008

Super Technologies Street View

Super Technologies office is now available on Google Street view :)

Check it out, Look around, drive around, or walk around , Virtually :)

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Monday, August 18, 2008

SuperIVR Biz Tool Offers Ads and Voicemail Now

The advertisement management on got better. You've got the exciting option to place same advertisements on multiple DIDs. Also set global advertisements and set their priorities.

There's another new option in Superivr... voicemail by popular demand.

Want to hear the caller messages? Go to main menu and select "accept voice
message from caller"

When a caller presses a particular digit for voicemail, an IVR will ask the user to record a message.

Owners of the Superivr account can listen to caller's messages by going to Voice Mail Management, and clicking on "Listen to Callers Messages."

Interactive voice messaging gets better all the time with!

Super Technologies, Inc... always striving to think of your future so you get what you need!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Super Technologies and Free 1800 / Toll-Free Termination

Free 1800 / toll-free termination is now available from for USA and Canada.

Anyone who sends calls to [email protected], keep in mind the calls will go though multiple vendors.

We encourage you to try it. Login to your DIDX account, click INBOX and send us your feedback.

If you sign up for account, you will be able to view your traffic stats. If you do not signup, you can still use it, but the calls will not be logged.

CarrierX is a Alpha service of that is used by our company for our own outbound traffic.


Rehan Ahmed
[email protected] - A Service of Super Technologies Inc.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Super Technologies, Inc. Partners with Junior Achievement

We received a letter on March 11, 2008 at Super Technologies, Inc. (a company with mobile offices in several countries, but based in Pensacola, Florida) from the Junior Achievement of Northwest Florida Board of Directors thanking us for our contribution to their organization of dollars and time.

Our CEO Suzanne Bowen taught English and Gifted Studies for 16 years in Escambia County before putting full time effort into SuperTec in 1999 at its startup. She remembers using the Junior Achievement programs in the middle school classroom: working with senior citizens in a retirement home, visiting junior colleges, and participating in projects with local hospitals. Hands-on is always more fun than just lectures, note-taking and worksheets, no doubt!

We'll be scheduling visits to the classrooms in Escambia County, Florida soon to more fully participate. We like the objective: inspiring and preparing young people to succeed in a global economy.

At Super Technologies, Inc., we live, breathe, and work with this very concept in mind. The economy is global, and we strive to be a part of helping entrepreneurs, young people and all to have success via the right tools and training. Many of services we provide are globally-empowering in nature: didx, virtualphoneline, groovytel, infonumber, cfms, hvoip, school management system, medical management system, and more, all inventions of the company CTO Rehan Ahmed backed by the customer-focused team of Michael, Muneeb, Sergey, Paul, Ahsan, Ayaz, Ricky, Lisa, Linda, Arfeen, Talha, Suzanne, Steve, Farooq, Imran, Petra, Beverly, Shahid, and other staff and business partners.

Super Technologies, Inc. is a partner in community efforts with ITGulfcoast as outgoing chair and board member, Linking Arms, Inc. as board member, Junior Achievement,, Pensacola Chamber of Commerce, AFCEA, Pensacola, Florida area Community Drug and Alcohol Council's Project Prevent, award-winning Jamiat Taleem ul Quran, Pensacola Symphony, and NPR.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Super Technologies, Inc. Critiques ITEXPO East 2008

What really stood out to me about ITEXPO East 2008?

1. How they promote truly interactive communications and involve and reward their participants, exhibitors, and sponsors! Check out the testimonial area at It was also truly an international event.
See the video of Konstantin Galperin (DIDX) and Nikolay Ilyin or Real East Networks speak Russian as they discuss DIDX wholesale global direct inward dialing exchange.

2. Our DIDXchange exhibit needed some super glue for a middle panel. Konstantin and I picked some up, returned to the exhibit and discovered that the expo team fixed it already for us. A double big wow! Talk about a double whammy reason to exhibit there...

3. I was introduced to the extreme importance of rural local exchange carriers during the "The State of IPTV" presentation of Karen Campagna (of Cisco). Their customers embrace new technologies that others in larger urban areas scoff at. They not only embrace them, over 60% of them recommend others to use the services they are using such as IPTV. Check out video 1 and video 2 in the ITExpo East 2008 playlist at or type in Karen Campagna in the search area.

4. Michael Genaro, Maureen Gambino, Rich Tehrani and several others on the TMCnet "team" exhibit the kind of professional, warm, accessible aura that makes participants come back again and again and to recommend others to do the same.

5. I wish I had thought to say these things when I was asked what stood out to me in video interview on the last day, but I was coming down with the flu, and couldn't think logically.

6. I was amazed at the Mobilemax offering. Perry Navleka gave me the opportunity to interview him in the beautiful canvas of palms in front of his hotel in Miami Beach. Do a search on his name in Youtube to see why I'm recommending ILECS, CLECs and other providers looking for new ways to reach more customers, keep them, and be on the cutting edge.

7. Last, you'll be happy to know that when I was asked by Mark Hewitt and TMCnet on my video interview, who are our big customers, I answered correctly. We power 8000+ ILECs, CLECs, RLECs, Instant Messenger Providers, Social Community portals, large nonprofit organization, and government organizations in 90 countries with millions of DID they can buy and/or sell to each other. We do all the work in the middle. But I did not name any because we are the support structure. We do not want public credit. We want our customers to be the stars and always have.

Please keep checking on Youtube as I add several more videos there for this event and at for the ITEXPO East picture gallery where you'll see more ..., but I forgot to bring my digital camera to the Lucky Strike DIDX party.

We had some super guests hanging out together: GlobalPops, Digium, Rich Tehrani and others from TMCNET, Mark Hewitt and his colleague, Celtrek, Konstantin Galperin, RNK Communications, Fonality, and several more. A strike here and there had the whole bunch cheering like we were at the Super Bowl! We want to do this again next year at ITEXPO East if it's in Miami. Any co-sponsors out there? Email me at [email protected]

The scent of this page over Internet would be Dreamsicle.