Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Super Technologies, Inc. Partners with Junior Achievement

We received a letter on March 11, 2008 at Super Technologies, Inc. (a company with mobile offices in several countries, but based in Pensacola, Florida) from the Junior Achievement of Northwest Florida Board of Directors thanking us for our contribution to their organization of dollars and time.

Our CEO Suzanne Bowen taught English and Gifted Studies for 16 years in Escambia County before putting full time effort into SuperTec in 1999 at its startup. She remembers using the Junior Achievement programs in the middle school classroom: working with senior citizens in a retirement home, visiting junior colleges, and participating in projects with local hospitals. Hands-on is always more fun than just lectures, note-taking and worksheets, no doubt!

We'll be scheduling visits to the classrooms in Escambia County, Florida soon to more fully participate. We like the objective: inspiring and preparing young people to succeed in a global economy.

At Super Technologies, Inc., we live, breathe, and work with this very concept in mind. The economy is global, and we strive to be a part of helping entrepreneurs, young people and all to have success via the right tools and training. Many of services we provide are globally-empowering in nature: didx, virtualphoneline, groovytel, infonumber, cfms, hvoip, school management system, medical management system, and more, all inventions of the company CTO Rehan Ahmed backed by the customer-focused team of Michael, Muneeb, Sergey, Paul, Ahsan, Ayaz, Ricky, Lisa, Linda, Arfeen, Talha, Suzanne, Steve, Farooq, Imran, Petra, Beverly, Shahid, and other staff and business partners.

Super Technologies, Inc. is a partner in community efforts with ITGulfcoast as outgoing chair and board member, Linking Arms, Inc. as board member, Junior Achievement,, Pensacola Chamber of Commerce, AFCEA, Pensacola, Florida area Community Drug and Alcohol Council's Project Prevent, award-winning Jamiat Taleem ul Quran, Pensacola Symphony, and NPR.


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