Wednesday, November 25, 2009

VP Suzanne Bowen's Facebook Discussion on Quality, Honesty, Listening

What a beautiful discussion on Suzanne Bowen's professional network on Facebook!

Suzanne Bowen I scream for quality, honesty, and open ears in a quiet voice.

Ed Prentice
Why is that so hard to achieve? We are a weird lot! We just have to keep looking.
Yesterday at 5:06pm ·
John Hammond
It truely is you know. Its amazing how diffiicult it is to find anything the quality of 40 to 50 years ago.
Yesterday at 6:49pm ·
Ed, is it that we want things fast and easy? John, you can't even be over 40!
Yesterday at 7:40pm ·
John Hammond
I am not just reaching that age. :) I mean that not only in people, relationships, but things manufactured this poor world is not what it used to be.

You will find it give it time.
Yesterday at 7:49pm ·
Suzanne Bowen
Good point, John. I recently heard that a boss told his employee to add fake Facebook IDs. I hope that the employee said, "No," and if he did, I would give him a raise." Mohammed (PBUH), Buddha, Jesus Christ, Nietzsche... All the great would probably disapprove of this deceit.
Yesterday at 9:04pm ·
Atiq Rehman I think major issues are to do with intellectual honesty and quality of mindsets. Why do we keep comparing the incomapables?
Yesterday at 10:17pm ·
Nusrat Zehra Raza
Very well said Suzanne. I like the quiet voice part.
Yesterday at 11:31pm ·
Imran Khan I agree with Ed-Prentice,we are becoming Bunch ovMoroonnss , i swear we are not usin our minds as we did 30-40 years ago, just fillin out the templates n livin like Pre programmed ICsss, n also as Atique Rehman said
5 hours ago ·
Suzanne Bowen Atiq, hope you'll accept my apology if I offended by referring to any of four names from history in ONE group that so many people revere, respect one or more of them. But I think you can agree with me that each of them would be apalled at the lack of honesty and acceptance of that, the emphasis on quantity without interest in quality andmeaningfulness, and also the emphasis on exhibition and "being on stage shouting to abyss that is not listening or one that blindly follows" when interaction and observance are far superior.
3 hours ago ·
Atiq Rehman
No offence. As you are referring to Mohammad PBUH, All kind of honesty is exampled in his life. The honesty that increase quality of minds and souls.....
2 hours ago ·
Imran Khan
Atiq Bhai Chaaa GAee hain AAAp
2 hours ago ·
Umema Hani
:) i am here Suze
about an hour ago ·
Karen Campagna
I hear you, Suzanne!
42 minutes ago ·
Umema Hani
37 minutes ago ·