Thursday, May 6, 2010

Super Technologies' First Health Management System Seminar

Word has it that the Health Management System seminar, held on May 4, 2010 in Karachi, Pakistan was a great success. More seminars are planned for USA, Malaysia, India, UK, Mexico and Singapore. has a strong position with doctors and patients, who want to give better care and get better care respectively.

The participants raised many questions, which our company wanted, and showed high interest in the Health Management System applications. One of most heard comments was "very user-friendly, especially when taking into account the needs of the patient from a medical point of view."

The seminar has been labeled as a new step towards our further success. The feedback was very positive. It is the first one for us. The seminar gave a message of confidence in expanding to the global market.
As foundation for our success, we give great importance to the cooperation among the Medical Community who attended the seminar. We strongly believe that continued collaboration with medical community will lead to a better product knowledge for our customers, and we actively support this type of activity.

We are very proud of Saleha Lateef and PM Permanand who have taken much initiative and given their time, work, thought and collaboration.
The software development VP of Super Technologies, Inc. Arfeen Muhammad, asks that others register themselves with  to be a part of the research and direction in this beta project.