Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rehan Shares Info on Starting your own Phone Number Forwarding Business

Super Technologies has a great product of CFMS. It stands for call forwarding and management system. It allows you to start a voip company or a phone company with a very small amount of money. You can start selling phone numbers on existing phone numbers by offering enhanced call forwarding service. The business model is that you can offer your customers who have an existing cell phone or a homephone or a business phone, a number from an international market which is forwarded to their existing number.

You make a premium on this service by offering enhanced call forwarding service. You can call to wherever you want to call it. We will give you a customize domain of your choice ... say you want, then we will give you all the billing system CRM, VRP, DID billing, per minute billing, the website, the webserver, the softvages, the voiceswitch.

Every thing is included already in our platform. All you will need is a marketing team.

We can provide marketing training for publicizing and getting the word out of your new phone service. In the existing space there are companies like DID Worldwide, SkypeIN service, Voxbone,,, offering some type of virtual phone number forwarding service. You can start doing it for your local market. The investment is very low and the margins are very high. We can discuss that once you send us an email on or We hope that you explore this opportunity but before you do, that we would like to invite you to explore yourself first-hand.

This is the kind of service which you will be providing your users once you sign up on CFMS platform. Just sign up on Virtual Phone Line, give it a try, and get a free number from the website so you can actully see how it works. We hope to hear from you pretty soon. Thank you.


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Nargis Satti said...

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jakir hossain jony said...

i want to star this business in my country ,please contact me